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Experience uncompromising style with Series 4, where luxury meets safety in every ascent.

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Nibav lifts, a trusted name in over 14 countries worldwide
World's Leading Home Elevator Company
Enter the realm of luxury, beginning at $69,000 onwards
Nibav lifts, a trusted name in over 14 countries worldwide
World's Leading Home Elevator Company
Enter the realm of luxury, beginning at $69,000 onwards
Nibav lifts, a trusted name in over 14 countries worldwide
World's Leading Home Elevator Company
Enter the realm of luxury, beginning at $69,000 onwards

Why Nibav?

We provide high-quality, affordable residential home elevators that improve the aesthetic and value of your home.

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Superior Performance

Nibav’s home elevators deliver a smooth and convenient ride between floors, enhancing convenience and accessibility within your home while maintaining optimum performance and reliability.
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Unmatched Luxury

Elevate your living experience with Nibav’s luxurious home elevators, designed with uncompromising style and sophistication, seamlessly blending into any interior decor.
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Safety Assurance

Nibav prioritizes safety above all else, incorporating patented technology and adhering to the highest European safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for every user.
Home elevators - Nibav Lifts
House elevators - Nibav Lifts

Discover Series 4 by Nibav Home Lifts

Experience the luxury living with Nibav Home Lifts Series 4, where you’ll find the peak of comfort and accessibility. Our innovative home lift solutions redefine convenience and style, seamlessly integrating into your living space while adhering to the highest safety standards.
With dual color options, reduced headroom, and a capacity of up to 250 kgs, Nibav’s Series 4 offers unparalleled luxury and functionality, effortlessly enhancing your home environment.

Unlock Pro: Advanced Features

Automatic SOS

Automatic SOS feature, the world’s only SIL 3 level redundancy, sets a new standard for lift safety worldwide. Additionally, the Series IV lift is equipped with three layers of battery connectivity: Lift battery, Aux battery, and cabin battery, providing up to 8 hours of continuous operation. An extra layer of battery safety, the Phone battery, ensures uninterrupted communication and operation even during power outages or emergencies. Furthermore, the lift offers a range of features to enhance safety and user control. Parental controls allow parents to restrict access to certain functions of the lift, ensuring the safety of children and vulnerable individuals.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin feature offers unparalleled customization and control. This groundbreaking feature empowers users to control lift movements directly from their mobile app, choosing specific floors for stops and adjusting display brightnes, hand gesture control options and power efficiency. Adjust the brightness and colours of the cabin and external logo lights, customize the interior ceiling and ambient colours to match the desired ambiance, But the customization doesn’t stop there. Users can personalize their lift environment to suit their preferences.

One Touch Cabin Display

The world’s only one in this industry, featuring one-touch cabin display. With just a tap, the user can monitor the status of the cabin battery, tablet battery, and stay connected with network indicators, effortlessly keeping track of live time and date. From start to finish, the Series IV lift’s intuitive interface ensures you’re informed and in control, reflecting our commitment to seamless and smart lift experiences.

Intuitive Landing Display

Nibav Lifts Intuitive Landing Display Feature, the world’s only one in this industry, is designed with user convenience in mind. The Landing Display offers intuitive visual cues to ensure a seamless lift experience. As the lift begins its movement, the colour of the Landing Display transitions from red to orange to green, providing clear visual indicators of the lift’s activity. This dynamic feature allows passengers to effortlessly track the lift’s progress and anticipate arrival at their destination.

Synchronized Motor

The world’s only air-driven elevator with a synchronized motor, featuring revolutionary efficiency and sustainability. By adjusting electricity usage based on passenger weight capacity, this innovative system ensures optimal energy efficiency, leading to long-term savings and a reduced carbon footprint. This smart feature reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly design principles.

Lidar 2.0 Technology

The world’s only elevator with Lidar 2.0 Technology – a game changer in lift innovation. Utilizing the principles of Light Detection and Ranging, or Lidar, this advanced system employs sensors to create precise 3D maps of its environment. By emitting laser pulses and measuring their reflections off surrounding objects, Lidar 2.0 Technology ensures unparalleled accuracy in navigation, resulting in smooth ascension and descent

No Travelling Cable

The world’s only home elevator technology without a cable. This innovative system harnesses air-driven technology to smoothly propel the lift car up and down, eliminating traditional traveling cables altogether

Personalize Your Lift to Reflect Your Style

Delve into a spectrum of color hues to find your perfect match

Standard Edition

Textured Edition

Metallic Edition

Hydro Edition(Matt)

Hydro Edition(Glossy)

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Series 4 Introduces Customizable Cabin Pillar Base and Highlights

Infuse your lift with natural elegance using Nibav's color options. Choose from a luxurious selection of colors, including Standard, Metallic, Textured, Hydro-Edition, and Leather Edition, to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you prefer the understated sophistication of a matte or wooden finish, or the lustrous shine of a gloss finish, our options add a touch of timeless luxury to your cabin pillar base.

Cabin Pillar Base

Our lift’s design revolves around a sturdy cabin pillar base, a pivotal structural element engineered for stability and load-bearing capacity in our air-driven lifts. The base, featuring a leather finish, ensures efficient operation and maintenance access while anchor points secure it firmly to the building structure, minimizing noise and vibration transmission. Complementing this essential element are our versatile customization options, with finishes including Standard, Textured, Metallic, Hydro, and Leather editions, designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your lift.

Cabin Pillar Highlight

Elevate your lift’s ambiance with the Cabin Pillar Highlight, a subtle yet impactful lighting feature enhancing its interior. Choose from soft ambient glow to bold accent hues for a welcoming atmosphere. Our customizable options from Standard, Textured, Metallic and Hydro and Leather edition finishes, complement the essential structural element. From coordinating colours to structural integrity, customize your lift according to your unique style and preferences, ensuring a seamless blend with your surroundings


Introducing Series 4 by Nibav Lifts Inc. – an embodiment of opulence and sophistication, poised to redefine the very essence of luxurious living. Elevate every moment within your home with unparalleled comfort and accessibility, as Series 4 transcends mere functionality to offer an elevated lifestyle experience.

Series 4 boasts a whisper-quiet operation, increased capacity, and seamless integration with Alexa for added convenience. With dual color options and reduced headroom, Nibav’s Series 4 sets the standard for luxury and functionality, effortlessly transforming your home environment.

Series 4 Lifts – A New Level of Luxury & Comfort ​


Series IV

Elevate your space with Nibav’s air-driven elevator, the S4, boasting 72% Return of Space (ROS) for maximum efficiency. Enjoy tranquillity with advanced sound insulation at just 57 dB.


Series IV Max

Introducing Nibav’s S4 Max: With cutting-edge technologies like landing suspension system and synchronized motors, Nibav’s S4 Max delivers the smoothest and most luxurious ride imaginable.

360° View


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A Panoramic 360-Degree View

Series 4 lifts feature cutting-edge construction with polycarbonate material, providing a panoramic 360-degree view. Experience unparalleled vistas with every ride, transforming your home mobility into a journey of beauty and functionality.

Lightweight structure

Lightweight design meets unparalleled strength. Crafted with premium materials, our lifts redefine versatility in installation, ensuring seamless integration wherever you need them. Elevate your spaces with Series 4, offering a blend of polycarbonate glass and galvanized steel for effortless installation and enduring durability.

No Pit Or Machine Room Required

Experience the ultimate convenience with Nibav Home Lifts—Series 4 eliminates the need for a pit or machine room. Choose from two variants for seamless integration into your home, simplifying installation. With zero excavation, enjoy a clean, insect-free environment and effortless operation.


Setting a new standard in lift safety, Series IV introduces Automatic SOS and SIL 3 redundancy for unmatched safety. Advanced sensors trigger an SOS in case of technical issues, meeting SIL 3 certification standards. With three layers of battery connectivity and user controls, Series IV prioritizes safety


Experience Nibav Home Lifts—eco-friendly and efficient, moving at a leisurely 0.15 mph, consume a mere 3.7 kVA during ascent, with zero power usage on descent, all while remaining greaseless. Dynamic electricity adjustments based on weight ensure optimal efficiency. With Series IV’s air-driven technology, enjoy a smoother, greener ride.

Seamless digital integration

Seamlessly sync your mobile device with the lift’s controls for unparalleled customization. Tailor your lift environment to your taste, from adjusting brightness to choosing ambient colors. Embrace inclusivity with hand gesture control options, revolutionizing lift technology for an intuitive experience like never before.

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